Arabian Princess - Square

Choose Quality over Quantity

We believe in quality over quantity.  You’ll see that throughout all we do, but two of the biggest ways are in our character selections and our casting.

Our character options are carefully curated.  We invest in core character upkeep and upgrades instead of buying mediocre, obscure costumes.  Research shows which characters are most important to our clients, and we prioritize costuming, casting, and training for those characters. Going down the “Character Depot” route and offering every imaginable option isn’t our style; we always opt for quality.

Our cast is small by design.  We don’t just choose pretty girls who can sing; we scrutinize resumes before interviewing carefully selected professionals with princess potential.  Our casting director has extensive music theory and acting training, so the audition process is intense, but it ensures we hire superior talent.  Once hired, performers undergo a proprietary training training program before they’re ever allowed to set foot in a training party.  Training doesn’t stop at new hires, either; we are always working to improve our craft and believe even the most experienced performers can continue learning and improving.  By keeping our cast small, we can dedicate more time to growing each individual performer’s skills.