Rylee is so excited to be a part of this magical world! She is currently studying Musical Theater and Communications at the University of Colorado at Boulder. From the age of seven, she has been obsessed with singing, tiaras, and a little bit of glitter. From her days in beauty pageants to the professional stage, Rylee has always been happy to perform. Some of her favorite roles include Jane Banks in Mary Poppins (BDT, MAC), Kendra in 13 the Musical (Wolf Theatre), and Kathy Cratchit in Scrooge (CDP). She is the oldest of six children and has always had a passion for making life magical for children. In addition to being a nanny, she has been a counselor for foster children at summer camps and has spent many hours volunteering in kindergarten classrooms. Bringing princess magic is so exciting, and Rylee cannot wait to bring this to your next party.


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  • “Rylee had a great humor with the girls and could tell when they were really into an activity and when they wanted to move on. She looked in character, kept in character, and she really made my daughter feel special. My daughter didn’t want a princess this year and is telling everyone how she had a warrior from star wars surprise her.”

  • “We were so impressed and beyond thrilled with our experience. Elsa and Anna blew us away! They were so kind, so engaging, so talented!! The singing was astounding. Both performers sounded as good or better than the original recordings. It was remarkable! We were in a room full of professional musicians and they blew us away. Anna was so sweet and kind to the kids and acted just like the real Anna! Elsa was extremely engaging, she commanded the room and led the party, she would steal any stage! My daughter is convinced the real Elsa and Anna were with us. Everyone said it was the best day ever for their child. They were wonderful, thank you so much for doing such an excellent job! It means the world to us, we will always be grateful. Loved the wishes too – even the big kids who were too “cool” for Elsa and Anna were drawn in by the performers and made wishes! We loved the dance party. The story was so touching. The songs blew us away!”