As a little girl, Maija dreamed about being a princess. She would dance and sing around the kitchen, or anywhere else for that matter, to all of her favorite fairytale tunes. One of her favorite childhood memories takes place on a Disney cruise ship where she was able to meet and talk with all of the princesses one right after the other. They truly made her feel like she could do anything, that she was a princess even if she didn’t have a crown. Maija believes that you shouldn’t have to go to Disney to find that magic. She is a Colorado native who wants to help spread the joy of meeting some of our favorite characters in her own State. She has been performing for audiences since she was 9 years old and is currently a bachelor of music/musical theater major at The University of Colorado, Boulder. She is Thrilled to join the cast at Princess Ever and After and hopes to help your child’s dream come true!


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  • “She was great all around, the kids loved her!”

  • “The communication beforehand was great! Maija’s performance was also awesome. The kiddos loved it.”

  • “Maija truly created a magical experience for all of the kids! The birthday girl was a little shy, but Maija did a great job warming her up and making her feel comfortable. It was a wonderful experience and all of the kids are still talking about it!”