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Lindsay is elated to be a part of the Princess Ever After cast. As a child Lindsay collected almost
every Disney movie on VHS and, at the time, could have recited every line and song for every movie.
Since then her brain has had to make room for different information, but the long term memory bank
kicks in from time to time when a melody is heard. Lindsay is the Director of Elementary Education
and Special Education and the Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning (RMSEL). She has
been at RMSEL for many years, spending the bulk of her time there working as a Special Education
Teacher. She loves to help students find their strengths and overcome their challenges as learners.
Lindsay has worked hard to find ways to continue performing since leaving undergrad. Her BA is in
Vocal Music and performed in many choirs as well as musicals throughout college. Her favorite role
was Miss Dorothy Brown in Thoroughly Modern Millie. While Lindsay has since focused a lot of her
time on completing her MA in Education and now working toward an Ed.S. in Education
Administration, music and performing remain an ever important piece of her life. Lindsay is thrilled
that Princess Ever After has provided her with the chance to marry all her passions.


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