Anna Margaret


Anna Margaret has been immersed in music and dance since elementary school and she is so excited to share her passion and joy with Princess Ever After. She began playing the piano at 4 years old and has since added seven other instruments to her repertoire and has performed and competed nationally with piano, flute, and voice. From debuting composition by internationally recognized liturgical composer David Haas at the University of Portland Baccalaureate mass to singing at weddings and funerals Anna Margaret loves lending her voice to important moments in people’s lives. Holding a Masters of Arts in Teaching, Anna Margaret has a passion for education and has extensive experience working with elementary to university aged students. When she’s not a princess you’ll find Anna painting, dancing with the Denver Diamond Dolls, or teaching physics, chemistry, and computer science.


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  • “I received many compliments from other parents as to how well Anna Margaret performed and all the kids really enjoyed her performance. She captured the attention of the entire room and she made eye contact with almost everyone. She made it feel very personal and my daughter absolutely loved having [the Snow Queen] at her birthday party.”

  • “Anna Margaret was so wonderful – she kept 10 3-4 year olds attention and engaged for a whole hour! She was so sweet, has a beautiful voice and portrayed the [Snow] Queen perfectly. My daughter was completely speechless and awe struck. It was such a special memory that we will always cherish.”

    Jackie B.
  • “Anna Margaret and Beth were incredible performers. Not only could they sing and look like Elsa and Anna, but they were so so sweet to the kids. My daughter is extremely shy by nature, but this was all she wanted for her birthday – for Elsa and Anna to come to her party. Anna Margaret and Beth went above and beyond making those 45 minutes all about her, they held her and danced with her and really focused on her. She has been talking about it since! Highly recommend this company and these performers and I know we will be using them again.”

    Veronica D.
  • “Anna was amazing with the kids. She kept 10 3 year olds entertained for the full hour. She would notice if the kids were getting bored and would move to the next activity. If a kid didn’t want to participate she wouldn’t push them. She was really really good with the kids. She has an amazing voice too! My daughter loved her. I highly recommend Anna Margret.”

    Kristin W.
  • “Anna Margaret was fantastic. Her stage presence is excellent, she kept the children fully engaged the whole time, and her singing voice is exceptional.”

    Billy A.
  • “[Anna Margaret did a good job] keeping communication and being great with my kids. It was all around wonderful! Perfect! Great job.”

    Breanna B.
  • “I was a guest at Ripley’s birthday party today (at EB Raines Park in Thornton) and was so impressed with the actress who came to play the Snow Queen! I didn’t want to make her break character during the party by gushing about her performance and how happy she made the kids – so I decided to just write a little blurb. She was such a brave actress too! She walked the whole park with lots of other families watching her to make it to this birthday party!! She was beautiful, very kind, a super fun Snow Queen and could really sing! The adults were just as impressed as the kids. You have a very solid business and pick your actresses very well. I will definitely use you for one of my daughters parties in the future! Thank you for being so great and most especially thank you to Anna for her brave and talented efforts today! She made a wonderful Snow Queen!”